Caution If Nipple Breast Suddenly Cuts

Caution If Nipple Breast Suddenly Cuts

Question:My right breast nipple burning, and having seen apparently there are enough cuts in it. In fact, I do not do anything that could hurt her. Once the wound is dry, now the other nipples also hurt and feel painful. What are these symptoms or only minor injuries? Please clarify and advice.


Hello, Della.

I first want to know if you are currently breast-feeding or not. This is because breast lesions can also be caused by incorrect feeding mode.

If you are not breast feeding and have not suffered trauma to the breast, it is possible that you have breast cancer.

Breast cancer has the following symptoms:

- Cuts in the breast that will not heal
- There is a lump in the breast
- Changes in breast skin to be like orange peel
- Breast feel swollen and reddish
- Nipples change shape as entry into and discharge, whether it be blood or pus.

If you are experiencing the symptoms described above, preferably go see a specialist for further examination.

Hopefully help.

Dr.. Fresia Juwitasari

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