Apricot B17 metabolic therapy of cancer

Apricot B17 metabolic therapy of cancer
NO doubt that cancer is a chronic and devastating the community because it not only causes suffering and even cause death.

According to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 10 million new cases of cancer detected each year. In 2008, a total of 7.6 million people were reported dead from cancer. More alarming statistics released by the cancer rate is estimated to increase by 12 million cases in 2030.

National Cancer Data (MERCY) recorded a total of 45.000 Malaysians suffering from cancer each year in three out of four patients failed to be saved or healed.

According to nutrition and medical experts from around the world, the cause of the increasing number of cancer cases are associated with poor diet factors.

This is because, at the time of this modern technology, almost 90 percent of their daily food are acidic and contain high rates of additives and less nutritious.

As a result, acidic body can lead to antibody and immune system will become weak and may invite a chronic disease, especially cancer.

Vitamin B17 and Apricot

Any search on the treatment and prevention of cancer will lead to the discovery of vitamin B17. Perhaps for some individuals, vitamin B17 is too foreign and hard to believe, but it actually has been found and proven to help cancer therapy.

Vitamin B17 is a natural remedy available in more than 1200 varieties of plants and fruits, especially apricot seeds.

Unfortunately, our eating habits today was set aside and reduce the use of B17 is bitter but it's quite effective in preventing cancer.

The statement is supported by the evidence of success in the 1950 findings by the expert biochemist, Dr. Ernest T Krebs pry the power of successful vitamin B17 in the treatment of cancer.

In addition, several other medical scientists also acknowledge him. Among them, Dr. Michael Tait, Fountain of Life Clinic, Gold Coast, Australia, who said: "Cancer is a metabolic disease, there is strong evidence that a reduction in daily food Vitamin B17 is the primary cause of someone getting cancer."

German cancer specialist, Dr. Dean Burk, said: "Under the microscope, we enter B17 on cancer cells and we found that cancer cells die very quickly."

From research, apricot seeds that become food for Hunza people make them cancer free, healthy and go up to more than 120 years of age.

The study also found that wild animals will not be found dead from cancer but animals that are kept in the zoo more likely to die from cancer even if given the nutrient-rich foods, but do not contain vitamin B17.

Japan is the best example for recording the lowest cancer rates in the world. Even though modern country and a living environment increasingly threatened by modernity, but the country has a high health rate has reached 90 years of age, the impact of the adoption of a balanced diet containing vitamin B17.

Cancer therapy

Experienced physician and former Head of the Department of Anatomy at the Medical Faculty of UKM, who is also patron of the product Apricon Farmas Health, Associate Professor Dr. Syed Zainal Husin acknowledge Wafa apricot seeds contain vitamin B17 highest compared to other plants and can help prevent and treat cancer.

In metabolic therapy, when vitamin B17 react with cancer cells, betaglucosidase enzyme in cancer cells is able to decompose the elements of vitamin B17 then kill cancer cells.

Vitamin B17 is unique because his only attack cancer cells and cells that are not normal.

It can also help improve the PH balance in the body, slowing the spread of cancer, reduce cholesterol and treat heart disease and diabetes.

However, he said, apricot seeds eaten raw are very dangerous as it is exposed to bacteria, fungi and free radicals during the process of delivery to Malaysia and can cause toxicity and negative effects on the body.

Recognizing that fact, a producer of healthcare products, TK Farmas Solutions & Industries issued a vitamin B17 apricot based products known as Apricon Farmas Health.

Apricon Farmas Health is a product in Malaysia with a great formula 100 percent fine ground apricot seeds with high pharmaceutical control without any mixture of chemicals to maintain the optimum amount of vitamin B17, which is highly needed by humans to enhance the immune system and body resistance.

Meanwhile, the President of the PROSTAR Club Malaysia, Dr. Lasha Ismail said: "Apricon Farmas rich in vitamin B17 Health and fitness can help improve a person to reduce dependence on drugs.

Farmas Apricon products need not be suspected because of Health has received approval from the Ministry of Health and is now in the market.source

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